• Supported platforms: FreeBSD, Solaris, Win32
  • Using Unix IPCs (System V, Sun RPC)
  • Scripts, logs, world contains in DB server or scripts files. (We use mySQL as DB server)
  • Can support 640 players (Real test: 530 clients for Dual p3 1Ghz)
  • Unique game features

  • Lots of bugs fixed (Injection exploits, walking in world and
    other). Using Injection is now welcome, it’s help to make server more

  • Running multi processed:
    • NuN – simple world server (Save/Load/Backup)
    • Atum – game server
    • AtumSQL – SQL console, works directly with world
    • AtumiN (developing) – Network server (keep connection, crypting, packet parsing)
    • Atum-Ra (planing) – Distibuted network server.
    • Atum v2 (planing) – Multiprocessed server-
  • Tools for work with atum:
    • Scripts compiler (from scripts file to DB)
    • World parsers (checkers, items analyze)
    • Web report tools
  • Description: Server is not free binary/source destribution. In Russian only.
  • History about AoP: AoP created 14 October 2000. Had been run in
    Sphere emulators. Then number players reached more than 120, come out
    more non-fixed Sphere bugs, lags and Ramsess decided change emulators.
    From May till July (2001) test all known emulatos and decided to run
    Wolfpack. From July till November 2001 AoP teams hardly work on fixing
    bugs from WP Emu and dicided close AoP project or sell (Enthusiasm out),
    but choice will be selected to start new project (called Atum)
    and stared develop new server. First release presend in Feb 2002. After
    sponsored very good server (Dual P3-1GHz, 1GB Ram by we
    stared to change code for multiprocessing, cached). Server show good
    perfomance for support players. In May 2002 was starting NuN server.
    After that world never rallback (except when NuN testing). Now team are
    developing network server (and hope later will develop distributed
    network server). In Jan 2003 we added 1GB (now 2Gb total). Inceased Atum
    speed. Changed to new data format (for more speed). We supported more
    than 520 online clients. (For Dual P3 1GHz). In Jan 2004 we upgrade
    server to Duan Xeon 2.4GHz 4GB RAM. In new server we have maximum 572
    clients and can support (without Atum-Ra server) 640 clients. And we
    planing with Atum-Ra and Atum multiprocessing about 900-1200 clients.


  • Ramsess – Lead Developer: system, multiprocessing, network, WWW. (2001-)
  • Vana – Scripts developer. Game consultant. (2001-)
  • Lag – Developer: Win32, AtumSQL, overall changes (2002-)

    Old developers

  • GonZo – System developer: Network, speed optimization (2002-2003)
  • Archi – Developer: Bugfixes. (2001)

Special thanks

  • AoP shard GameMasters & Counselors
  • Players in AoP shard for advices and bug report
  • WolfPack teams for teach/understanding about emulators
  • Our sponsor and good friend
  • Prol for establishment stability AoP

Version history & planing

  • Sorry, but last time
    we stay on .81 version. All our work for intensify stability of Server.
    But I hope we will continue our plans.

  • .4x – conversion from WP (Feb 2002)
  • .5x Fixing bugs, added combat features, changed magery (Mar 2002)
  • .6x Optimization code, fixing bugs (Apr 2002)
  • .7x History (NuN Clone) (May)
    • .70-.71 Started NuN
    • .72-74 Changed items represetation, finished Jul 17
    • .76 New craft implemented (8 Aug 2002), .77 fixing bugs
    • .78 New mount system, new verdata support
  • .8x History (AtumiN clone)(Sep-Oct)
    • .80 rewrited network code for support AtumiN (Atum In), new network server (5 Sep 2002)
    • .81 fixed bugs in rewrited code, network (Map cells) optimization (18 Sep 2002)
    • .81/1-.81/5 Added security, all injection exploits fixed (perfomance of server fall) (1 Jan 2003)
    • .81/5-.81/9 Increased perfomance (26 Jan 2003)
    • .82/(1-13) Lots of in-game changes, extended script engine. (4 March 2004)
    • .83/(1-3) Support for multiple maps. (18 March 2004)
    • .83/(4-5) Custom lands (lost), Feodalism, Farming, Advanced scripting (1 Jun 2004)
    • .83/(6-7) Custom multis support (15 Aug 2004)
    • .83/8 Memory managment and Win32 optimization (25 Aug)
    • .83/xx Extended priv. system, new boats code, released AtumSQL (Sep-Dec 2004)
    • .84 Basic support for factions (races, townstones, global guilds) (Jan 2005)
    • .84/(1-2) Simple version of Atum-Ra (AtumiN) (Mar 2005)
    • .84/(3-4) Rewriting NuN server. (New Data Storage) (Apr 2005)
    • .84/(5-) Multiprocessing AtumD server (1 May 2005)
    • .85 Distributed Atum-Ra, Vesrion some code changed to Event-Base engine
    • .86 Shard economy changes
    • .87 Full show economy statistics (Economy guilds)
  • .9x Planing New network code for other network games
  • 1.00 We hope to will keep our life for released that 🙂